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Our Promises

Our promises to our customers will demonstrate our passion for our food.

Great Crêpes

We work hard so that when you come to us, you recieve the highest quality of Crêpe; filled with the highest quality of fillings.

Great Staff

Our staff are thoroughly trained so that each Crêpe served is as good as the last. As well as this our staff are regularly trained in food hygiene.

Great Service

We of all know how desparing the world can be without Crêpes. So when you get a Crêpe from us our staff will provide the highest standard of customer service.

Events we attend

Here are some types of events we attend!




We also Cater for Corporate Events. Please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


PanCrêpes is a family run mobile Crêpe company. We serve outstanding fresh sweet and savoury Crêpes at affordable prices. Providing the very best for every client, we cater at a variety of events offering a fun and charming service which combines our high level of professionalism with a touch of theatre.

  • 2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

    2011 Pancrêpes was bought by current Director Steve Watson. At this moment in time it was still Quick Crêpes!

  • 2013

    Twins Basil

    Steve has his nephews Tom and Jake work with him over the summer. Little did he know that they too would become owners!

  • 2014


    The three directors -after months of planning- rebrand to Pancrêpes, and the signature blue!

  • 2015

    Ill take another trailer please.

    Trailer two emerges built from the chassis up. Sparking the future of Pancrêpes, we are here, we are waiting and we are Crêping in a town near you!

Our Favourite Crepes

Our 3 Crêpes Of The Year!


Perfect Crêpe for those with a sweet tooth! Melted segments of Terry's Chocolate Orange in one of our delectable Crêpes.


Freshly chopped Banana covered with cream, and a rich Toffee sauce. Most elegant of Crêpes is sure to meet all your Crêpe needs!

Piri Piri

Crêpes aren't just sweet! Mature South Devon Cheddar cheese topped with Piri Piri Chicken is sure to make your day a little more spicy!

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